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    Tony Hager

    Your comments are welcome, and you are asked to keep them polite. You are responsible for the content of your comments. A moderator monitors the site to ensure compliance with all comment policies.
    This moderation occurs in the comments section and document upload tool, keeping the site safe and appropriate for all participants. Note that neither we nor any future assigned Moderators will edit your Content.

    Moderation Rules
    About Moderators

    Every comment is valued for its content. This forum allows everyone to have a say and brings out many different ideas and viewpoints.

    In order to play a positive part in the discussion and to give your views maximum impact, follow the etiquette rules below.

    In order to play a positive part and to give your views maximum impact, follow the etiquette rules below.


    It’s a good idea to read through the information on the site and the other participant’s comments before posting a comment.
    Always respect the views of other participants even if you don’t agree with them.
    Be constructive. It’s okay to disagree with other forum participants, just keep the comments positive.
    Always keep things civil. It is important to keep the comments focused on the issues rather than letting it deteriorate into personal insults.
    Once you’ve left your comment keep an eye on the forum to see what other people have to say.
    If you feel that someone has insulted you, report their comment to the moderator. Don’t perpetuate the dispute. The moderator will take a look at the comment in question and decide whether it should be removed.
    Stay on topic. These forums have been created for a specific purpose.
    Remember to turn off the “CAPS LOCK”. Writing in ALL CAPS is the equivalent of SHOUTING and may be offensive.
    Choose one topic under which you would like to post each of your unique comments, and do not cut and paste the same comment into lots of different rule topics. These will be considered duplicates and may be removed.
    Don’t be a “troll.” Trolls intentionally incite annoyance or offense. They do not participate constructively and do not add any value to the forum.
    Don’t bully, harass or threaten other participants. If another participant proffers an opinion that you don’t agree with, you have no right to demand that they support their position with a detailed reply. They do not have to respond to your questions. It is up to each individual to participate in the forum as much or as little as they wish.
    Please respect the moderators. Their job is to keep the forum safe and constructive so that everybody gets an opportunity to have his or her say.
    Try to avoid using acronyms or text talk. By sticking to plain English more people will understand the points you are trying to make.

    Moderation Rules

    Comments that violate the terms of use agreement or that are unlawful may be removed by the moderator.

    Never post personal information about another forum participant. This includes identifying any individual by their real name if they have not already done so or providing personal contact information.
    Don’t post anything that threatens or harms the reputation of any person or organization. If you wish to accuse someone of committing a crime or being an idiot this is not the place to do it.
    Don’t post anything that could be considered intolerant of a person’s race, culture, appearance, gender, sexual preference, religion or age.
    Don’t be obscene and don’t use foul language. Disguising swear words by deliberately misspelling them doesn’t make them any less offensive.
    Don’t personally insult or harass other participants. Focus on your substantive comments and not on other commenters, personally. Users are entitled to choose not to enter into debate with you.
    Don’t post or link to inappropriate, offensive or illegal material. Inappropriate content is anything that may offend or is not relevant to the forum.
    Don’t post any advertisements or solicitations, however much you believe in the service or product.
    Don’t complain about the moderation on the site; you may send a note to us(External link) if you are unhappy with a moderator’s decision.


    Violation of the moderation rules may result in:

    Removal of comment — any comment that, in the view of the moderators, violates the rules will be removed.
    Temporary suspension — a participant who repeatedly violates the moderation rules may be suspended from access to the site for up to one week as determined by the moderators. The suspension period will reflect both the severity and consistency of the violation.
    Permanent blocking — a participant who continues to violate the moderation rules following reinstatement after a period of suspension may have their access to the site permanently blocked.
    Automatic blocking — a participant who posts or links to inappropriate, offensive or illegal material will be immediately blocked from the site.

    About the Moderators

    This forum is moderated in collaboration with URT Holdings, LLC dba United Realty Texas. URT professional real estate brokerage service provider that hosts and provides real estate information.

    Contributions that meet site rules will not be removed. When a comment is removed from the site a message remains in its place stating that the comment has been removed. An email is also sent by the moderators to the person posting the comment explaining what has happened.

    Removed comments may be stored so they can be retained as a public record and restored to the site if it is later deemed that a moderator has made an error. URT Holdings, LLC does not independently provide this information to its other customers.

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