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Please note that the popularity of blogs can change over time, so it’s a good idea to verify their current status and relevance. Here are some reputable real estate blogs to consider:

1. Zillow Porchlight: Zillow’s blog, Porchlight, offers insights into the real estate market, trends, and home improvement tips. It’s a valuable resource for both buyers and sellers.

2. Blog:’s blog offers a mix of articles on home buying, selling, and renting, along with market trends and neighborhood insights.

5. Inman News: Inman News covers the latest real estate industry news, technology trends, and market analysis. It’s a valuable resource for real estate professionals.

6. Trulia’s Blog: Trulia’s blog focuses on homebuying, selling, and renting, offering practical tips, advice, and market insights.

7. Curbed: Curbed covers real estate and urban development, with a focus on city-specific news and trends. It’s particularly useful for those interested in urban planning and city living.

8. The Balance Real Estate: The Balance is a comprehensive financial and lifestyle website. Their real estate section provides articles on homebuying, investing, and personal finance.

9. The Real Estate Guys Radio Show Blog: The Real Estate Guys offer a podcast and blog that cater to real estate investors. They provide insights into various investment strategies and market analysis.

10. Mashvisor Blog: Mashvisor specializes in real estate analytics and provides valuable data-driven insights for real estate investors. Their blog covers various investment topics and market trends.

11. HousingWire: HousingWire covers the mortgage and housing markets, with news, analysis, and commentary on industry trends and regulations.

12. LoopNet Blog: LoopNet is a commercial real estate marketplace. Their blog focuses on commercial real estate trends, investment, and property management.

Remember that the real estate industry is dynamic, and new blogs may have emerged since my last update. Always verify the credibility and relevance of the blogs you follow, and consider checking for more recent recommendations to stay current with the latest real estate insights and trends.

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